FA WSL Development league Cup matchday 3 (updated)

Tables after Match day 3:


Group 1

1. Arsenal 9 pts +13
2. Millwall 6 pts +5
3. Chelsea 6 pts +2
4. Reading 6 pts -3
5.Watford 0 pt
6. London Bees 0 pt

4 teams in the running in Group 1. Arsenal with a slight advantage probably needing 3 points out of the final 2 games to go through as group winners or best runner up

Upcoming fixtures  :

Chelsea v Reading

Millwall v Arsenal

Watford v London Bees

Arsenal v Watford

London Bees v Chelsea

Reading v Millwall


Group 2

1. Liverpool 9 pts +17
2. Sunderland 9 pts +7
3. City 3 pts
4. Durham 3 pts
5. Everton 1 pt
6. Doncaster Belles 1 pt

Liverpool and Sunderland are looking good for qualification.  Sunderland v Liverpool will be played on Matchday 5

Upcoming fixtures  :

Durham v Sunderland

Liverpool v Everton

Man City v Doncaster

Doncaster v Durham

Man City v Everton

Sunderland v Liverpool
Group 3

1. Birmingham 9 pts +17
2. Yeovil 6 pts +1
3. Aston Villa 3 pts +4
4. Bristol 3 pts -1
5. Notts County 3 pts -4
6. Oxford 3 pts -17

Birmingham are favourite to win the group but any slip up could see Yeovil come back level with them .

Bristol v Birmingham

Yeovil v Oxford

Notts County v Aston Villa

Aston Villa v Birmingham

Oxford v Bristol

Yeovil v Notts County


Teams with 6 and 9 points are still in the semi-final places race.

Reminder :  only the group winners qualify as well as the best runner-up.


Best runner-up placing :

1. Sunderland 9 pts +7

2. Millwall 6 pts +5

3. Yeovil 6 pts +1

For the best runner-up place, it looks likely to come from Group 2 as Liverpool and Sunderland have 9 pts each and are likely to add to that total


The final group games will be played on those dates

Matchday 4 1st of Feb

Matchday 5 22nd of Feb






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