Who will be in England final 23 squad for the World Cup ?

If we analyze the data provided by the exellent tumblr http://fyfawsl.tumblr.com/tagged/engwnt for the year 2014, Mark Sampson has used 30 players overall.

Players are ranked by total of minutes played in 2014

GK 4 :  K Bardsley, S Chamberlain, C Telford and E Durack

DF 9 : A Scott, S Houghton, L Bronze, D Stokes, L Bassett, A Greenwood, G Bonner, S Bradley, C Stoney

MF 8 : F Williams, K Carney, J Nobbs, J Scott, J Moore, A Asante, K Smith, J Potter

FW 9 : T Duggan , E Aluko,L  Sanderson, N Dowie, E White, G Davison, F Kirby, J Taylor, J Clarke


There are 3 categories of players used in tournament football :

A the regulars who are guaranteed a start as the manager has put his trust on those players

B those who are competing for places and are likely to be used as a sub or when the the manager decides to rotate the squad

C the back-ups who are there to make up the numbers are unlikely to play at all in the tournament but must be ready to come on the pitch at any time should circumstances call them into action.

The biggest problem is to select the players with the right personality for categories B & C as well as the right football, history as shown time and time again in previous world cups ( mainly men’s football)  that a disunited squad will lead to failure.


Here is what I think as of today the 31st of December 2014 could/would be on the plane to Canada next Summer. Note that hierarchy can change due to loss of form or long term injury for players in the B category, C are fringe players, players in the A category at the moment are 99% guaranteed to be on the plane unless they are injured or do something really stupid.

Category A 13

GK K Bardsley, S Chamberlain

DF  A Scott, S Houghton, L Bronze, D Stokes,

MF F Williams, K Carney, J Nobbs, J Scott

FW T Duggan, E Aluko,  LSanderson


Category B  9 ( need to prove their worth throughout the next 6 months )

GK C Telford

DF L Bassett, A Greenwood

MF J Moore, J Potter

FW N Dowie, F  Kirby, J Taylor, J Clarke


Category C 8 (likely to be  fringe players in the squad if selected)

GK E Durack

DF G Bonner, S Bradley*, C Stoney

MF A Asante, K Smith

FW E White*, G Davison

*Bradley and White suffered ACL injuries so could be classed as B category players, but they have to prove in the next 6 months that they are better than those currently selected


You can also add category D ie players who did not get a game this season but could come and grab a place in the squad if they perform well next season :

GK R Spencer, M Earps, R Brown

DF D Susi, J Rose,C  Rafferty,

MF I Christiansen

FW D Carter N Parris


Things will change throughout the season and it will update this post after the USA Friendly and the Cyprus Cup.

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