Year 2014 review games 21-30


21. Watford res v Arsenal res 16th of March

22. Chelsea v unknown team 23rd of March

Game played on a cold and windy day on the 3G near Imperial Fields

23. Birmingham v Arsenal 24th of March

Champions League quarter finals 1st leg. Played at St Andrews, easily won by Blues who played as a team while Arsenal looked like a team that had not started to gel yet.

24. Arsenal v Birmingham 30th of March

Champions League quarter finals 2nd leg. Played at the Hive. Another win for Blues, deserved winners over two legs.



25. Roumania v France B  2nd of March.

Game played in Bucharest at the local National center ground. France WNT reserves won, many of them have been given a chance for the full team.

26. Millwall v Chelsea 3rd of March

Friendly game, over phsycial with players injured, not what you want in pre-season. Another cold weather.

27. Chelsea v Bristol 13th of March

FA Cup game, first test for the FA WSL 1 teams, Chelsea looked more advanced in their preparation for the League.

28. Reading v Yeovil 16th of March

Opening WSL 2 game for those 2 teams. Played at the Madejski, great seats high in the stand.

29. Birmingham v Tyreso 19th of March

Champions League semi-final 0-0 Draw for Blues.

30. Chelsea v Liverpool 20th of March

Big league game, no protection for goalkeepers from the referee on the day, a recurrent theme throughout the season including on final day.


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