Year 2014 review games 1-10

This is a short review of my 2014 year watching women football : games 1-10



  1. Southampton Saints 1 University of Portsmouth 2 5th of Jan

My first game of the 2014 year was played on a 3G and was between Southampton Saint and University of Portsmouth in the SW Combination league. Cold weather, some good football played. I don’t remember much of that game now besides the cold weather.

  1. Chesham 1 Larkhall Athletics 2 12th of Jan

FA Cup game, another cold day, 2 battling teams, a very competitive tie in a funny ground.

  1. Lyon 0 PSG 1 18th of Jan

Division 1 feminine game played at Stade Gerland. Huge upset on the day with the first domestic defeat for OL in 50 odd games. PSG parking the bus and hitting OL on the break. We had a few drinks with Megan Rapinoe after the game and she announced she was going back to Seattle earlier than expected.

  1. Montpellier 2 Soyaux 0 19th of Jan

I took a train from Lyon to Montpellier the next day and went to see another D1 feminine League game. Tough game for the home side. They scored two late goals to break the stubborn defensive block from the away side.


  1. Arsenal U17 Liverpool U17 01st of Feb

FA Youth girls Cup game. A game of 2 halves with a strong wind at Herts Uni on the 3G pitch. The game started late due to previous kids games on the same pitch.

  1. Arsenal v Oxford 1st of Feb

Club friendly played on the same 3G pitch as the U17 game. Cold and windy weather.

  1. Enfield v Chichester 2nd of Feb

FA Cup tie played at Donkey Lane, some good football played on the day.

8. London Bees res v Arsenal Ladies res 2nd of feb

Friendly played at the hive on the caged 3G area. Only saw the first half as was asked to move away from the standing area on the hill where I was watching the game, so I went home instead of having a view obstructed by the cage.

9. Arsenal U17 v Villa U17 8th of Feb

Horrible weather freezing cold wet and windy. I ended up watching 45 minutes before going to have lunch at the Galleria.

10.C&K Basildon v West Ham FA Cup 9th of Feb

FA Cup game played on a 3G pitch at Harlow Town. An excellent match program, a sunny weather but cold again.


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