France WNT the road to Canada WC 2015 : players’ statistics

2015 World Cup qualifiers group 7

Bulgaria H 14-0

Bulgaria A 10-0

Austria A 3-1

Kazakstan A 4-0

Hungary H 4-0

Austria H 3-1

Kazakstan H 7-0

Hungary A 4 -0

Finland A 2-0

Finland H 3-1


W10 GF 54 GA 3, France qualify for the World Cup with a near perfect record having conceded 3 goals in the process.



Czech Republik H 2-0

Poland H 6-0

Sweden H 3-0

Scotland N 1-1

Australia N  3-2

Netherlands N 3-0

England N 2-0

Brazil H 0-0

USA A 0-1

USA A 2-2


Coach Bergeroo has decided to play friendlies against  top quality teams in order to prepare properly for the WC tournament.

The record against top 6 teams ( USA, Germany, Japan, Sweden and Brazil) is W1 D2 L1 GF 5 GA 3

The record against below top 6 teams is W5 D1 GF 17 GA 3


Players stats since Phillipe  Bergeroo took over from Bruno Bini :

Bergeroo has managed 20 games overall over the Sep 13 – Sep 14 period


There are 16 core players who are more or less guaranteed to go to the World Cup if they don’t get a long term injury in the next year :

Louisa Necib 18+2

Wendie Renard 16+1

Jessica Houara 16+1

Sarah Bouhaddi 16

Gaetane Thiney 15+5

Elodie Thomis 15+1

Amandine Henry 14+2

Laura Georges 14+1

Elise Bussaglia 13+7

Eugenie Le Sommer 13+3

Sabrina Delannoy 13

Camille Abily 12+5

Marie-Laure Delie 12+5

Laure Boulleau 8+1

Celine Deville 4

Griedge M’Bock Bathy 3+3 *


There are 5 back-ups who are regularly called up and are likely to be on the plane to Canada providing they keep their club form :

Marina Makanza 2+8

Kheira Hamraoui 2+7

Amel Majri 2+1

Laetitia Tonazzi 1+7

Anaig  Butel 1+1


The fringe players :

Julie Soyer 2

Kenza Dali 2+1

Marine Dafeur 1

Camille Catala +2

Sandie Toletti*  +2

Aurelie Kaci +1

Rose Lavaud + 1

Viviane Asseyi 1+5



A player that has been more or less put to international retirement by the coach ( not called up since the Cyprus Cup)

Corinne Petit 4


A few players have been called up but not capped during those 20 games :

Karima Benameur (GK), Pauline Crammer, Ines Jaurena,  Meline Gerard (gk) and Laetitia Phillipe (GK)


*Griedge M’Bock Bathy and  Sandie Toletti were preparing for the U20 WC so missed a lot of call ups from January to July 14


Update October :  new players called up for the Germany friendly : Claire Lavogez, Kadidiatou Diani and  Amandine Guerin** ( GK)

**Guerin was called up against Finland but withdrew due to injury


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