FA WSL Conti Cup final to be played on 16th of October

So the final will be played on a Thursday evening at Wycombe Wanders FC. Anyone who has been there knows how difficult it is to park over there and even worse to get there by public transport.

Arsenal fans are lucky as the final is quite close to London but the for the Manchester City fans it is certainly a long trip. As the game is shown live on BT Sport, it is certainly not an incentive to put bums on seat. Why make the long trip to Wycombe and freeze on a cold night while you can enjoy the game from your couch. I bet only local fans in a 100 miles radius are likely to come and no one else will bother…

Then comes the other parameter. There will other English women’s football fans watching football in 2 other grounds : a few of those will be at Linkoping Arena in Sweden to watch the Reds and a few thousands will be at Ashton Gate to support Bristol Academy. I know there are many fans in the women’s football community who would have loved to watch the Conti cup final and the   Bristol Academy game as well. I do not think it is clever to force that small but faithful community to choose. I mean do the FA expect Arsenal and City fans to come en masse to the final so that they think they do not need neutral fans ?

The big question is : would the FA organise Capital One Cup final on the same day as the Champions League group or knock-out stage ? A look at the UEFA calendar shows the next international dates are 25th to 30th, so why not play the final on a week-end on the 18th or 19th of October. It is not even a problem with the  Senior England camp as it is planned from the 21st to the 31st of October while the U23 England camp has no player from 4 teams.

We all know scheduling the FA WSL has been a problem for the last 4 season and the Conti Cup final is no exception, still it is disappointing to see that many people will not attend.


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