FA WSL 2 promotion race after Matchday 15

Yeovil 1 Sunderland 2

Doncaster 4 Millwall 1

Aston Villa 3 Reading 0


The table looks like this :

1. Sunderland 41 pts GD +28


2. Doncaster* 33 pts GD +28

3. Reading **26 pts GD +18


*Doncaster with a game in hand

**Reading with two games in hand

Reading are now definitely out of the title race.  Their maximum points is now 41 ie Sunderland current total. It is now a 2 horses race between Sunderland and Doncaster.

The top 2 remaining games :

Sunderland v Doncaster 04/10

Oxford v Sunderland 12/10

Millwall v Sunderland 26/10


Sunderland v Doncaster 04/10

Doncaster v Yeovil  19/10

Doncaster v Durham 11/10

London Bees v Doncaster 26/10

Sunderland will be crowned champions if the beat Doncaster on the 4th of October.

For those who don’t know the promotion rules :

At the end of the Matches for each Season, the last placed Club in FA WSL1 shall be relegated to FA WSL 2 and replaced by the Champion Club of FA WSL2, provided that such Champion Club meets all criteria for admission to FA WSL 1 (including facility, finance, corporate governance, staffing and other business and management criteria) as has been notified to Clubs prior to the start of the playing season (the “Minimum Criteria”). In the event that the Champion Club is not able to meet such criteria within a timeframe prescribed by The Football Association following the end of the Season, the second finishing team in FA WSL 2 shall be promoted to FA WSL 1, subject to it meeting such Minimum Criteria within the relevant timeframe. In the event that the second finishing team is also unable to meet the Minimum Criteria, the last placed Club in FA WSL 1 shall remain in FA WSL1.



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