FA WSL 2 promotion race after Matchday 14

Sunderland 4 Watford 1


The table looks like this :

1. Sunderland 38 pts GD +27


2. Doncaster* 30 pts GD +25

3. Reading **26 pts GD +21


*Doncaster with a game in hand

**Reading with two games in hand


Sunderland are really close to promotion now. They are  8 and 12 points clear of the 2nd and 3rd placed team. Although there are games in hand for those 2 teams, we have seen in WSL 1 that games in hand don’t necessarily translate in points. Sunderland now need 8 points from their last 4 games to get promoted or 7 points only if the Beat the Belles on the 4th of October

Note : promotion is available to the WSL 2 winner if they fulfill the WSL 1 criteria.


The top 3 remaining games :


Yeovil v Sunderland 21/09

Sunderland v Doncaster 04/10

Oxford v Sunderland 12/10

Millwall v Sunderland 26/10


Doncaster v Yeovil  ?

Doncaster v Millwall 20/09

Sunderland v Doncaster 04/10

Doncaster v Durham 11/10

London Bees v Doncaster 26/10


Aston Villa v Reading 21/09

Reading v Oxford 28/09

Millwall v Reading 01/10

London Bees v Reading  05/10

Reading v Millwall 11/10

Reading v Watford 26/10


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