The relegation battle after Matchday 11 part2

Tuesday’s  game ended Everton 0 Birmingham 0 ie 2 points lost for both sides.

Everton and Notts County are now level with 10 games played each so we have a clear view on who are likely to go down.


Notts County have 2 homes and 2 away games


Notts County v Chelsea

Notts County v Everton

Bristol v Notts County

Birmingham v Notts County


Everton have 1 home and 3 away games


Everton v Man City

Notts County v Everton

Chelsea v Everton

Arsenal v Everton


Notts have 4 points and a 9 goals Superior goal difference. Everton have not won a game so far. And they did not look like they tried to win against Blues. Due to that goal difference Everton will probably need to catch 5 points on Notts on the 12 points available. Of course should Everton win by 4 at Notts, that would just wipe away the GD instantly but it is unlikely to happen.

Realistically, Everton need to win at Notts  and hope that County do not win one out of 4 as County would reach 11 points and for Everton to get 7 out of  12 points would be sensational considering their f0rm this season.


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