Wales road to the WWC 2015 World Cup play-offs

As England won group 6 yesterday, Wales can now qualify via the long play-off road. Only the top 4 group runner-ups go the the play-offs. with the following rules

Matches against the sixth-placed team in each of groups are not included in this ranking. As a result, eight matches played by each team count

The ranking of the runners-up is determined by the following parameters in this order:

  1. Highest number of points
  2. Goal difference
  3. Highest number of goals scored

The final round of qualifiers will be played in September and at the moment Wales first job will be  to finish second in Group 6. Ukraine trail Wales by 3 points with a game in hand to be played on the 13th of September v Turkey.

Should they win that game they would be level on points with Wales come the final game Ukraine v Wales. If teams are tied for points overall the head to head  result is the first tie breaker. As they drew 1-1 in Wales, the winner would take all. Should it be a draw and both side finish with 20 points a 0-0 would see Ukraine finish runner up.  Any 2-2 or higher draw would see  Wales finish runner-up. If the game finishes with a 1-1 draw Ukraine would finish runner-up as they have a better overall goal difference  than Wales

I recommend looking at the following wikipedia page : it is very complete and concise.

There are 7 qualifying groups and Wales need to do better than 3 other runner-ups.


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