FA WSL 1 Matchday 11 preview

Last 4 games in the League and everything to play for at the top and bottom of the table :

At the bottom of the table :

Notts v City

Everton v Liverpool

The gap between Everton and Notts County is 5 points at the moment and should Everton win the Merseyside derby and City win at Notts tonight, the gap would close to 2 points with a decisive Notts v Everton game to be played on the 29th of September. Should Notts beat City tonight, they would be 8 points clear of Everton and only a giant collapse would see them in relegation trouble.

At the top of the table :

All 6 teams are still chasing the title that is what Man City are saying as per Emma Kete’s quote “I think at the moment it’s about taking it one game at a time – obviously we want to do the best we can do. We’re still in for the title and we’re still in for that top two Champions League spot.” City with 12 points currently and 8 points behind leaders Chelsea. Should they win their remianing games they could get 27 pointts . Note runner-ups finished with 29, 26 and 31 points in previous seasons. Winners finished with 32, 34 and 36 points in previous seasons.

Liverpool are currently in second place and could reach 30 points, they need to win the derby to keep in touch at the top with 6 teams in 8 points but games in hand for 3 of those teams.

Leaders Chelsea are away at Arsenal and will try to consolidate that place while Arsenal will want to stay in the champions league race and with a maximum potential points of 26, anything else that a win would certainly be the end of their challenge.

Birmingham need to get back into the winning grovve after 2 consecutive. That unwanted U20 break has certainly disrupted their title charge and they need to get back at the top or keep in touch should both Chelsea and Liverpool win.

Bristol have a slight chance of qualifying for the 2015/16 Champions League tournament, their maximum points reach is 28 and therefore cannot afford to drop points against fellow challengers. They do have the option to win the 2014/15 tournament to be back as well. Same thing applies to Liverpool.




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