FA WSL 2 promotion race after Matchday 11

Sunderland v Aston Villa 3-1

Reading v Doncaster Belles 4-0


The table looks like this :

1. Sunderland 29 pts GD +19


2. Doncaster 24 pts GD +18

3. Reading *20 pts GD +17

*Reading with a game in hand


Sunderland are the big winners this week-end as they extended their lead on the Belles to  5 points and 9 points to Reading. They now need to loose twice and the Belles and or Reading to win everything at the same time to losse the leadership and it is quite unlikely to see them loose twice considering the current form.

Belles lost to Reading and this is due to their attacking and fair style. Last week Sunderland got a draw by playing and extremely physical game and therefore prevented reading from playing football while both side tried and manged to play football yesterday.

Reading really blew it last week and will need a kind of miracle to be promoted.


Upcoming games in Matchday 12 midweek

Doncaster v Villa

Sunderland v Durham

Yeovil v Reading


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