The FA WSL 1 relegation battle after Matchday 10

Matchday 10 results were favorable to Bristol and Arsenal with wins against Everton and Man City.

Everton and Notts County lost against Bristol and Liverpool and are really the main relegation contenders. Everton are huge favourite to go down as they are still looking for their first win and trail Notts by 5  points.

Everton are now 11 and 9 points behind Bristol and Arsenal and are unlikely to catch them up unless they go on a winning run.

Here are the remaining games for the 2 teams :

Everton 2 pts GD -10

3 home and 3 away

Liverpool  H

Birmingham H

Man City H

Notts County A

Chelsea A

Arsenal A

Notts County 7 pts GD -1 

3 home and 2 away

Man City H

Chelsea H

Everton H

Bristol A

Birmingham A

Notts County appeal for the home game v Bristol has been rejected


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