FA WSL 2 promotion race after Matchday 10

Reading v Sunderland 1-1

Oxford v Doncaster Belles 1-5


The table looks like this :

1. Sunderland 26 pts GD +17


2. Doncaster 24 pts GD +22

3. Reading *17 pts GD +13

*Reading with a game in hand


Reading missed a big opportunity to close the gap on Sunderland with that 1-1 home draw. They are still 9 points behind the leaders with a game in hand. Should they win that game away to Millwall, they would be 6 points behind the currently unbeaten leaders. They would have to rely on Sunderland loosing twice and getting maxium points at the same time to be level. It is possible of course but unlikely unless Sunderland’s form start to collapse.

Doncaster made the most of that draw with their 5-1 away win at Oxford, they are now trainling Sunderland by 2 points and as they mentionned should they win their 8 remaining games they will be champions and will apply for promotion ( subject to money and marketing criteria as per usual)


Next week in Matchday 11 another blockbuster with

Sunderland v Aston Villa 30th of August 3 pm

Reading v Doncaster 30th of August 6 pm




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