FA WSL 2 promotion race after Matchday 8

Sunderland are starting to pull away from the rest of the WSL 2. Sunderland and the Belles are both unbeaten but the Belles have drawn 3 and Sunderland only once. Hence the 4 points gap between those 2 teams.


The table looks like this :

1. Sunderland 22 pts

2. Doncaster 18 pts

3. Watford 14 pts

4. Reading *13 pts

*Reading with a game in hand


Let’s have a look at the last 3 results of the top 4 teams (matchday 6,7,8)


Sunderland 7 pts

H Yeovil 2-0

A Belles 1-1

H Oxford 2-0


Belles 3 pts

A Millwall 0-0

H Sunderland 1-1

A Durham 0-0


Watford 9 pts

A Bees 5-4

A Oxford 2-1

A Yeovil 3-0


Reading 6 pts from 2 games

H Villa 3-1

H Bees 5-1

Watford got maximum points from the 3 games, Reading got maximum points from the 2 games they played, Sunderland dropped their first points at Belles in the top of the table clash and Belles dropped 6 points with 3 consecutive draws.


The next 3 games program :


Doncaster v Bees

Sunderland v Millwall

Watford v Reading


Reading v Sunderland

Villa v Watford

Oxford v Doncaster


Reading v Doncaster

Sunderland v Villa

Watford v Durham


We will know where Reading stand in term of promotion chances as they will play all the teams from the top 4 and really need to win all 3 games to catch up a few points on Sunderland.

Watford also need to win all 3 games to bridge the current 8 points gap on Sunderland.

Doncaster will hope to see Sunderland slip up and capitalise on this as a Sunderland defeat combined to a Belles win would close the gap to 1 point only.

Sunderland will look to keep their unbeaten record and push Reading away from the title race on Matchday 10.


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