FA WSL Division 1 Summer 2014 moves

The summer transfer window is opened from the 6th of June to the 3rd of July


Arsenal Ladies FC

In  : Turid Knaak ( Bayer Leveverkusen) – loan

Out  : Shelley Kerr ( manager), Anouk Hoogendjik ( Ajax Amsterdam), Bianca Bragg ( Reading )

Birmingham City Ladies FC  :

In  : Abbey-Leigh Stringer ( Aston Villa)

Out  : Katie Wilkinson ( Aston Villa – loan), Jess Myers ( Aston Villa)


Bristol Academy WFC :

In  : Alice Evans ( Yeovil Town)

Out  : Elie Leek (Auburn Tigers), Ellie Curson (Yeovil Town), Annie Heatherson (retirement)


Chelsea Ladies FC

In  : Ana Borges ( Athletico Madrid)

Out  :


Everton Ladies FC :

In  :

Out :


Liverpool Ladies FC :

In : Nina Pedersen ( California Golden Bears)

Out  : Megan Alexander ( Oxford – loan)


Manchester City Ladies  :

In  : Kathleen Radtke ( FC Rosengard), Keira Walsh ( Blackburn Rovers)   Emma Kete ( WNY Flash)

Out : Jessica Holbrook, Linda Shepherd

Notts County  Ladies  :

In  : Danielle Brogan ( Sydney FC), Fiona O’ Sullivan ( Freiburg)

Out  :  Courtney Sweetman-Kirk ( Doncaster Belles)


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