Arsenal Ladies : an interesting statistic regarding the squad size

Back in March 2013 at the start of the previous 2013 season, I wrote an article about the Arsenal Ladies and how the future was shaping up and looking good with the view on the 1st team, reserves and the best U17 players :

The conclusion of this article is a funny one and how wrong was I  “So by the end of the season 2013, I believe the club will need to sign 2 defenders and at least 1 midfield player” . I had listed 45 players over those 3 squads and 29 of those are now gone.

That’s a huge turnover when 64% of those girls have left the club in 15 months.  There were many reasons for those departures as it has been well documented for the 1st team players why they left, but the number of reserves and U17 players who made their way out of the club has just caused big problems in term of players quality and quantity available. You cannot loose so many 1st team players and also promising youngsters at reserves and U17 level without encountering a few problems.

First team players have been replaced with players from all the over the world and England some  had an impact  during the first half of this season. Young reserves players have been quickly promoted to the first team as well.

If we have a look at the current reserves team aka development team, many U17 players have been added to the squad and 3 players have been signed to make up the numbers and have a big enough squad to finish the season.

There is certainly an urgent need to add more quality players at every level as soon as possible.


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