FA WSL Division 2 Season 2014 statistics

Updated 25 May 2014 (booking stats uncertain)


Goalscorers :

1. Fran Kirby ( Reading) 8

2. Bethany Mead ( Sunderland ) 6

3.  Stacey Pearson (Yeovil ), Lillie Billson (Millwall), Joanne Wilson  ( Watford) 3

6.  Lauren Cresswell ( Doncaster ), Caroline Dixon ( Durham), Victoria Greenwell, Abbey Joice, Rachel Furness  ( Sunderland), Amber Gaylor, Paige Wakefield ( London Bees),  Sue Smith , Bethany England, Jess Sigsworth Millie Bright, Leandra Little (Doncaster), Lois Roche, Lauren Bruton ( Reading), Natasha Baptiste ( Aston Villa)  2

20. Lucy Loomes, Billie Brooks, ( London Bees), Cheryl Williams ( Reading)  Lily Agg, Naomi Cole, Emma Whitter, Sophie Perry, Dionne Lennon, Cherelle Albert, Emma Plewa (Millwall), Sarah Wiltshire, Kate Natkiel, Megan Wynne, Renee Hector (Watford) Ashleigh Mills, Reanne Thomas, Rhiannon Roberts  (Doncaster), Zoe Ness (Durham),  Gemma Wilson, Keira Ramshaw, Kelly McDougall ( Sunderland), Sahara Osborne-Ricketts, Kayleigh Hines, Lauren Allison ( Oxford), Katie Cook , Paige Stewart, Jemma Tewkesbury, Kirsty Whitton (Yeovil) Yasmine Hardy, Jessica Round(Durham), Beth Merrick, Jade Richards,( Aston Villa)  1

OG :

Booking : Lily Agg, Kylie Davies ( Millwall) , Sherry McCue, Katy Moran, Olivia Ferguson ( Aston Villa), Sue Smith (Doncaster), Jessica Round, Zoe Ness (Durham) , Sahara Osborne-Ricketts (Oxford), Billie Brooks ( Bees), Cherelle Albert( Millwall), Kelly Chambers ( Reading), Paige Stewart ( Yeovil)

Red Card : Lillie Billson ( Millwall)

Goals per game : 3.45  ( 69 in 20)

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