FA Women’s Cup Round 6 preview

Liverpool v Everton played Saturday 26th of April at 7 pm

Liverpool current form is good, the only worry is the level of injuries in the attacking positions with Rolser, Staniforth and Zelem out at the moment. When Longhurst got injured last Sunday, Liverpool play went a bit monodimensional and easier to defend against for the opposition. Everton will be hoping to bounce back from the home defeat to Notts and erase all the little mistakes that cost them the game on Sunday. It is the Merseyside derby so form can go out of the window. Brown-Finnis and Parris will have to be at their best to upset the Champions. Prediction home win


Portsmouth FC Ladies v Notts County played Sunday the 27th of April at 2 pm

Notts are favourite and currently top of the League,  have the top goalscorer as well in Jess Clarke and are very solid in defense. An underdog win would please a lot of people who support the WPL against the FA  current handling of the winter game. It is unlikely to happen, although Pompey have forwards to trouble the Notts backline but keeping them at bay will need a giant defensive performance like Birmingham did against Tyreso recently.  Prediction away win

Manchester City v Chelsea played Sunday the 27th of April at 2pm

City still looking for their first point in the League wont be favourite against a Chelsea team deprived of playmaker Ji So-Yun following her controversial red card against Liverpool. They welcomed  Katie Chapman who made her debut as a sub and Rachel Williams has been in the squad but not started a game yet.  prediction away win

Birmingham City v Arsenal will be played on Sunday the 4th  of May due to the Champions League semi-final 2nd leg in Tyreso.

As usual the FA plan games at the same time as the Champions League games, this lead to inbalance in schedule and teams playing catch up in the League. Would they plan a league matchday at the same time as the Athletico v Chelsea game for example ? probably not allowed by UEFA…


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