Refereeing, assistant etc

I went to Chelsea Liverpool, it was a great game under difficult conditions and both teams tried to win and play football, although the defenses did play it safe at time as you don’t want to loose a game because you slip up on the pitch and give the ball away stupidly to a forward.

The heavy rain meant the pitch was quick and sliding was dangerous. So you would hope the referee would use common sense and protect the players’ physical integrity ?

Let’s have a list of incidents that happened in front of me during the game. I was standing next to the team bench in the 1st half and behind Libby Stout’s goal in the 2nd half.

1. Dowie and Flaherty tangle in the penalty area, Dowie ask for a for a foul and a penalty, Flaherty is on the floor injured, she was hit in the face straight in front of the assistant referee. Suspicion of elbowing or slapping due to visible arm movement. Assistant says nothing to the referee although he has seen the action. The same assistant referee misjusdged at least 3 offsides decision in that half as well.

2. Easton slide tackle quite strongly or over zealously depending on how you see it, Blundell is injured and out of the game for a few minutes nothing given. According to law 12 a card should have been given to Easton.

3. Ogimi slides and kick Stout in the head. Stout is subbed and nothing is given against Ogimi. Same case as Easton a yellow or red card should as been given according to LOTG 12.

4. Ji So-Yun is bodychecked/kicked in the leg in the penalty area and goes down, the referee books her for diving while it is obvious that the defender made contact with her. 2nd booking and therefore red card, she had been previously booked for diving in the first half ( I did not see the incident). So Chelsea could have had a penalty and get a red card instead ? Bizzare quality of refereeing for sure.

Violent conduct, use of excessive force, serious foul play  all that happened according to the law  of the games  and nothing was  given during the game.
That referee and his assistant were not serious and question should be asked by the FA and the game should be reviewed. You cannot have top quality football mixed with poor refereeing. Not to mention 2 players ended up being injured in that game. Is this called game management ?

For the record, I did many games running the line and a couple in the middle in Sunday League  when no referee came but safety was clearly a problem with players and their friends around the pitch threatening you.



3 thoughts on “Refereeing, assistant etc

  1. I didn’t see anything wrong with Ogimi’s slide on Stout (although I’ve only seen replays). I’m not going to dismiss it as a ‘coming together’ or something silly like that, but if it was a foul, it would have been a technical one – studs up, off the ground, etc – which is pretty hard to judge in real-time. Also, I don’t think Ji So-Yun was touched as she went down for the second time – she falls way too energetically considering Williams was stationery when they collided.

    But I suppose it wouldn’t be football without referee-based controversies.


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