Arsenal Ladies full squad size (1st team + reserves) down to 29 players only

As of today the 06th of April

The FA WSL rules allow the teams to have 40 players registered for the 1st team + reserves.

Arsenal Ladies have 29 players registered for the 2 sides. Considering 18 players are nominated for the 1st team games, when reserves and 1st team games are playing simultaneously, it leaves the reserves with 11 players only.  Jordan Nobbs is unfortunately injured as well so the teams are even more stretched.

You do wonder if the massive exodus of players that started last Summer and carried on during the Winter is now fully hitting the club with 5 players aged 16 to 20 on the bench against Birmingham in the Champions League. I mean having a reserves team that can barely have 11 players available is not really serious isn’t it ? And if more players leave the reserves side in the near future as it is possible, will the club just forfeit the remaining games including the FA WSL development League Cup semi-final ?


Here are the 29 players registered :

GK : Byrne, Chamberlain, Coles (3)

DF : Fahey, Gaylor, Herbour-Brown, Hoogendjik, Kinga, Mitchell, Robe, Ryan, Sampson, Scott, Stoney (11)

MF  Bailey, Bragg, Murray, Nobbs, Ohno, Smith, Steele, Weir, Williamson (9)

FW Ayisi, Carter,  Fatuga, Humphrey, Oliver,  Yankey (6)


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