FA WSL Development League cup update

In Group 1 Arsenal have 12 points and going through with a game to play either as group winner or best runner-up. Arsenal are away to Chelsea for the final game. Reading have 9 points and +6 and are away to Millwall.

In Group 2 Liverpool finished with 11 points and 9-2 while Everton will play Durham and have 8 points and 8-3 GD

In Group 3 Aston Villa won it with 11 points. For the best runner-up competition Notts County have 10 points and a GD at 9-5

So definitely through are Aston Villa as group winners  and Arsenal either group winners or best runner-up.

For the final two places:

a) Reading are through if they win against Millwall regardless of the scoreline. And it would mean best runner-up would come from Group 1. Reading are 14-8 on goal scored and Arsenal 16-1. A large Arsenal defeat combined to a large Reading win could see the Royals top Group 1 table. They can also go through with a draw if Everton does not beat Durham

b) Everton will be throughas group winners  if they beat Durham by 2 clear goals or more. If they win by 2 goals, both Merseyside teams will have 11 points and a +7 GD but  with more goals scored by Everton. They can also qualify  if they beat Durham by 1 goal and Reading does not win against Millwall

c) Liverpool will go through as group winners if Everton does not win against Durham or win by only a 1 goal margin. 3rd possibility is  Everton win by 2 or more  while Reading does not win. Liverpool would finish best-runner-up.

d) Notts County will go through as best runner-up if none of the other runner-ups reach 10 points, ( Reading  with 10 points would have  a+6 GD while Notts County has +4) ie if Reading looses and Everton does not win.


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