More data fun about the foreign players in the FA WSL

Carrying on the hot topic about foreign players in the FA WSL, I have split the foreign players in 3 different categories :

A) Neighbours : Irish, Northen Irish, Scottish and Welsh, those have been around playing women’s footie in England for years.

So not a real foreign invasion as far as I am concern. Some of those are actually English but play for a different country…

B) EU/EEA players, not many of them were around before the FA WSL started.

C) Non EU/EEA again they were a few around but not many before the FA WSL started


2011 A  30 B 2 C 3= 35

2012  A 35  B 2 C 7  =44    Y/Y    16% increase for A, stable for B, 133% increase for C

2013  A 35 B 8 C 6  =49    Y/Y    stable for A, 400% increase for B,  15% decrease for C

2014 A 22 B 9 C 11  = 42   Y/Y  37% decrease for A, 12% increase for B, 83% increase for C


From year 1 to year 4

Group A has gone down to 26% less neighbours are coming to the FA WSL 1 ( although there are 19 of them in FA WSL 2 )

Group B has gone up 450%

Group C has gone up 366%

It does make sense for the FA to have implemented the 50% of the squad must be homegrown rule in 2014. Homegrown being registered for 36 months prior to the 21st Birthday.


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