My Top 10 games attended in 2013

My number 1 choice game for 2013 would France v England at the Euros 2013 but unfortunately I did not attend it  and had to watch it on tv…So here are the top 10 games I have attended in 2013.

10. Arsenal v Glasgow City UEFA WCL 3-0 last home game for many Arsenal girls, superb attacking display.

9. Glasgow City v Arsenal UEFA WCL 2-3 last Arsenal game for many players, an entertaining game played under horrible weather. A very competitive game in the battle of Britain.

8. France v Germany International friendly 3-3 another entertaining game with loads of goals. Although it is has to be said, due to defensive mistakes.

7. Liverpool v Arsenal FA Women’s Cup SF 1-2 game played at Anfield , mainly known for an Arsenal player playing with 3 different shirt numbers during the game,s omething that does not happen very often.

6. Montpellier v Arras Pre-season friendly. 7-0 this one was very interesting because they allowed me to watch their training seession which was done behind closed door and to watch the game from the team’s bench alongside the substitutes.

5. France v England UEFA U19 Group stage 0-0 a very tight and competitive game in LLanelli, a defensive England  team and an attacking French team that did not manage to breach the England defense.

4. France v Germany UEFA U19 Semi-final 2-1  A game that had everything : superb goals, red card, late goals, penalty and a lot of suspens. Youth football at the highest level.

3. Bristol v Everton FA WSL 4-3 Season opener at Stoke Gifford Stadium  a firework of attacking football and great long range goals.

2. England v Spain UEFA U17 Semi-final 0-3 a constrasting opposition of style between a hard working and powerful England team and a Spanish team with a strong technical side and superb on the ball.

1. Arsenal v Blackburn FA U17 National Cup 3-1 A hat-trick from Carla Humphrey and a finally  trophy that eluded most the players in the previous season after a penalty shoot-out defeat to Chelsea

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