British girls abroad doing well at Uni on the USA

As someone was mentioning, there are not many English players abroad : Anita Asante, Kirsty Moore, Rebecca Angus to name a few.

For those who follow the US college football or soccer as they wrongly call it there, yesterday was the day the 64 teams for the NCAA tournament were disclosed. There is a good contingent of British players who will take part in the tournament this year.

Ashleigh Goddard and Rachel Pitman with De Paul while Rachel Daly and Georgia Kearney Perry with St John’s.

Ash and Pit were at the Arsenal Academy prior to coming to De Paul, Rachel was at Lincoln Ladies and Georgia at Watford. All 4 played for England youth.

They all had a succesful season with their team and it is a big honor to qualify for this tournament as they don’t play for the biggest Uni there.

Those university are a very good set-up as the girls end up playing 4 years of football with more training sessions that they’d have in England and also with a degree, something that is needed as women’s football is not professional yet and they will all need a job.

On the football side, the improvement is huge as well if you compare to the girls in the same age group. I have seen Ashleigh play 5 a side and 11 a side here in England while the season was off over there and her improvement has been really good.

A lot of the girls who were at the Arsenal Academy at the same time as Ash and Pit now work full time while playing football, they play in WSL 1,2 and in the Southern Division. While they play top level football, the “post formation ” which should follow the CoE and Academy has been missed.

You see it happen in men’s football as well, when young players start playing first team football at an early age and don’t carry on developing between 18 to 21-22.

So hopefully one of the girl will end up playing in the NWSL while the other will come back in the FA WSL.

And the last point : Rachel Daly is the leading goalscorer in the NCAA overall. You might remember her as a defender in England but she has gone back to her original position up front with great success.


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