The silly season starts now !

Last year was supposed to be a big year in term of transfers and indeed came many foreigners to the FA WSL.

If we look back at last winter’s window : Chelsea and Liverpool were the main agitators bringing a lot of players with different fortunes of course. It looked like the first year when many foreigners arrived in the FA WSL although statistics showed that the increase was not huge in term of percentage overall.

So what can be expected for the winter 2014 transfer window? First, it is the same situation as last year when a good number of players went out of contracts which means they are available to sign right now.

We have a certain number of teams who will have to build or rebuild their squad.

Manchester City are poised to bring a lot of quality signings if they want to be competitive as their squad finished far from the top teams in the FA WPL National Division last season.

Notts County Ladies also need to rebuild after finishing at a poor 6th place which was not a good return on the investment.

The same thing can be said of Chelsea Ladies, that 7th place was very disappointing considering there were many quality players in the squad.

Everton Ladies put the emphasis on youth last season and kept their main players Scott and Duggan, wth Parris being superb as well. With limited finance, you just expect them to make clever signings to complement their young talent.

The same can be said about Birmingham City Ladies that went for the youth last season and will look to carry on that way and get the reward from that policy . They must add a few quality players if they want to compete for the top 2.

Arsenal Ladies will be in transition next year, it will come after a very curious year that saw them finish 3rd miss on Champions League (unless they win it this year) but also won the 2 cups. Many departures and arrivals are expected and the squad will be amputed from the core of players that have been there for 10 years plus for the first time.

Bristol Academy will have the Champions League carrot to bring in quality players to the squad that finished 2nd in the League. A huge achievement and you would expect them to pick and choose quality players to improve the 2 or 3 positions needed.

Liverpool have made the wholesale of changes last season, so they should only bring a few quality players to prepare for the Champions League competition, if they want to go far.

Rachel Williams from Birmingham to Chelsea is the 1st big move for the 2014 winter transfer window but many more will come soon. Could we see more World Cup, Olympics or Euro winner come to the FA WSL ?

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