England 2 Wales 0

A very logic and fair result. As expected it was attack v defense and both side executed their game plan very well. If you remember how poor England were at the Euros, you wouldn’t believe the same players are involved and play the excellent attacking and creative football we saw yesterday.

An exceptional first goal to beat a well organised Welsh defense with one touch football concluded by a Nobbs chip and an excellent finish from Duggan on the volley although strong question mark on the free-kick that lead to the goal with Carney hitting Fishlock in the process who was unable to defend as she was just carrying another injury. 2 great goals for England huge ball possession as expected, loads of creative play. You can see Brent Hills has done an excellent giving confidence back to all the players and he also made choices with attacking and creative players on the pitch.

His 11 was Bardsley, Scott Stoney Houghton Bronze, Williams Nobbs Carney, Aluko White Duggan.

Bardlsey in goal well. The back 4 was solid and Houghton got in ahead of Bradley obviously to mark Ward with her pace. Both full back were very important on the attacking side and we saw Alex Scott very often on the wing. Williams Nobbs and Carney were at their creative best trying to find space between the Welsh lines and giving options for the forwards. Aluko, White and Duggan worked hard to find space and opportunities against a very dense defensive block.

Wales got their gameplan well executed and frustrated England for a long time. Unfortunately their main players got injured so early in the game that the small chance they had to get a win put of the game simply disappeared with Harding and Fishlock’s injuries. Harding couldn’t use her pace to help Ward up front and that made it easy for England’s defence, while Fishlock carried on for as long as possible with the injury before being strongly hit by Carney to add insult to injury England scored from the free-kick and finished the game there and then. Games are won and lost and small margins.

The Welsh team was Davies, Dykes Ingle Davies Bleazard, Harding Ladd Fishlock James, Wiltshire, Ward. They defended very well as a team but injuries disrupted the quality of play going forward. Still Wales created 3 clear chances but none went in. At that level, you need to be clinical when you are under so much pressure defensively but spending so much energy on defensive makes it hard for the forwards to finish chances.

A fair result with England dominating the game and Wales unlucky with injuries that deprived them from being able to hit England on the break a bit more.

The official POTM was Fara Williams. Why not ? I would say for Wales Hayley Ladd and for England Jordan Nobbs closely runned by Alex Scott

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