Yeovil reserves v Arsenal reserves

Well it was probably one of the worse away trip I have done in term of travel. Gone at 7am and back at 9pm. South Ealing to Victoria to Clapham to Gillingham to Yeovil Junction plus a 4 mile walk in torrential rain. And back, thankfully I got a lift from the ground to the train station. And then, Yeovil to Gillingham, Gilligham to Salisbury, to Clapham to West Brompton, to Earl’s Court and South Ealing.

The people at Yeovil are very friendly and it was a pleasure to meet the manager Sarah and the chairman David at the game. The pitch was a bit waterlogged in part due to the amount of rain that fell very quickly but was very much playable. The game was played in a very good spirit with not many fouls or other stuff you can see in games when a team is better than the opposition.

So it finished 7-0 and it was a pleasure to watch some quality football. The starting 11 had a few changes from last week against the Bees :

Rowlands, Steele Sampson Ryan Bartrip, Williamson Bailey Bragg, Humphrey Weir Oliver. The subs used were Danbridge, Gaylor and Ayisi.

On a difficult pitch technically sound make a difference and Caroline Weir was superb, holding the ball, doing flicks, controlling the ball and finding space and passing options.

One of the satisfaction was some tactical response was found during the game to a problem where Yeovil were extremely compact but very high on the field. During the first 25 minutes, there was a problem but they soon found a solution, that’s why Taome and Caroline position were switched, to allow a good use of the wing space.

Overall the defense did not conceded too many chances and there was a lot of passing and creativity. A really good game for the team and now we have a break for the England U19 camp before the next game in a couple of weeks.

I shall be returning to watch a WSL 2 with Yeovil as they are a friendly and welcoming club.

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