A new beginning for England ?

So Hope Powell has now gone and Brent Hills has come in on a temporary basis. It is important to note that he has not made many changes as he used to be Powell’s assistant.

He has called up Natasha Dowie and Danielle Carter a very logical move considering they have both been in great form recently. He has removed 3 players from the Euro squad 2 of them are currently injured : Kelly Smith and Dunia Susi while Laura Bassett was not selected as she did not have much club playing time due to contractual dispute.

So can we talk of a new era with those World Cup 2015 qualifiers ? We won’t know until the new manager is named. The big question is : will the players that were blacklisted by Powell like Davison and Flaherty or “retired” like Potter, Chapman or Sanderson get a chance or the new manager will keep looking towards the past and keep the players that failed in 2011,12 and 13.

Some players have been there since 2005 actually and kept their place in the squads through the years while not always performing. 2 seasons is enough to rebuild a side looking to compete seriously in Canada with the current solid base of players. There is a core of players that are good enough while the youngsters that have been waiting for 2 to 5 years to have a chance are as good as those who failed miserably in Sweden.

We shall see who will get selected for the Wales game at Millwall, because if it is the same old tired squad with the same old defensive tactics, there will be no revolution and more disappointment in 2015. Make no mistakes England will qualify for the WC but it does not mean the team will be competitive in the future because that qualifying group is weak and offers maybe 2 to 3 tough games only.


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