What’s up in Birmingham ?

Obviously the season is not going very well : 29 pts in 2011, 26 pts in 2012 and 15 points in 12 this year. There have been some very good performance from the youngsters ( Melissa Lawley, Kirsty Linett, Katie Wilkinson and Coral Haines) and Blues have been rewarded for trusting those girls but some starting line-ups are strange.

Take last week for example. Melissa Lawley played 70 minutes in the UEFA U19 final against France on Saturday but is given a start the next day against Liverpool.  Also no captain Bassett or Williams at all in the 18 players squad? Either those 2 players are injured ot they have been dropped for some reasons.

And this week Bassett and Williams are back on the bench but do not get a game at all. This is really strange to the least and there must be something happening there that prevent those 2 players from getting on the pitch. If I were another WSL team, I would make an inquiry on their availability.

In the meantime, it means all those young English girls get games so it is a positive thing in term of preparing the future but not for the short term results.


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