Lyon v Wolfsburg

( For those who don’t know by my nickname I am French so the game is seen by a French supporter’s eyes )

A very disappointing result for the French team, credit to Wolfsburg who showed the same defensive quality as against Arsenal to neutralize Lyon’s attacking play. It is obvious a lot of work was done on the training ground to prepare for the game and the OL player never really found a solution in a very tense game.

It is a pity that the game was settle by a non existent penalty. The LOTG are really clear, it needs to be deliberate to be a penalty. It is obvious it was not, the player said in the post game interview that the ball hit her hand, she cannot do much about it. Football is a game of small margin, sometimes it goes against you, sometimes it goes your way.

In term of players, Lyon played in the usual 4-3-3 with one surprise from the usual starting 11 really.

Bouhaddi : good game, made no real mistake really, no luck on the penalty

Franco : correct game, tried to help going forward as well

Georges : long time treatment in the first half. Solid alongside Renard, unlucky with penalty decision

Renard : very good game as always, Solid as a rock defensively

Bompastor : correct game, could have brought a little more attacking wise

Henry : correct game, usual role had a few shots, tried to energize the midfield

Necib : correct game, tried to create thing, good defensive work

Abily : nothing came off for her on the day, hence her substitution

Thomis : did her usual winger’s job, not the best final ball on the night

Schelin : very isolated on the night by the lack of service and movements from the midfield and wingers

Rapinoe : surprise choice in the starting 11, out of sync with other players, Did not always track back defensively, hooked at half time logically.

Subs :
Dickenmann : tried to bring her energy, runs and attacking skills, subbed out late in the game ?

Le Sommer : a few runs as late sub, tried her best

Majri : on too late to have an impact on the left wing.

Lair : expected starting 11 besides Rapinoe, 2 very logical and needed subs, last one bizzare but explained as an injury to Dickenmann

Wolfsburg : superb defensive organisation, pressing high with up to 3 players in the same pocket of area.
Soaked up the pressure, created many chances as well (5 I think).
Well worth a win on the night.

Overall a tense game, a good game of chess football for the 2 coaches with Kellerman the winner. The physical intensity was really good and it showed in the last 20 minutes when it went down and holes appeared all over the pitch.


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