Predictions for the FA WSL games until the Euro 2013 break

Bristol Academy 1st 9 points 3 games 9-4 average 3 points/game

30/05 Arsenal H

05/06 Birmingham A

08/06 Lincoln H

The League leaders have  a tough 3 games sequence before the Euro break, including 2 home games which means they would have played 5 games out of 6 at home before the break. I expect between 3 and 7 points for the Vixens, with 4 points probable.

Chelsea Ladies 2nd 7points 4 games 7-4 average 1.75 points/game

28/05 Birmingham A

06/06 Arsenal A

09/06 Everton H

2 difficult away games followed by another not so easy home game to Everton. If they want to stay in the Champions League place they probably need 5 points + out of 9 possible. I also expect 4 points there.

Liverpool Ladies 3rd 6 points 3 games 6-2average 2 points/game

29/05 Lincoln H

04/06 Everton A

08/06 Birmingham H

The form team getting better and better and will therefore get between 5 and 9 points. I expect 7 points out of 9 with a difficult derby game at Marine FC

Everton Ladies 4th 5 points 3 games  5-4average 1.66 points/game

H Doncaster 30/05

H Liverpool 04/06

A Chelsea 09/06

It could be a turning point in the season already as there are 2 testing games for a young Everton side. From 3 to 7 points really with my estimation of 4 points for the Toffees.

Birmingham City Ladies5th 3 points 3 games 2-2average 1 point/game

28/05 Chelsea h

06/05 Bristol H

08/06  Liverpool A

A difficult program for Blues in a season unlike the 2 previous ones. Every team can beat and be beaten by the other 7 sides. From 3 to 7 points possible with 2 home game advantage should bring 6 points

Lincoln 6th 2 points 4 games 2-5 average 0.5 point/game

29/05 Liverpool A

04/06 Doncaster H

08/06 Bristol A

A mixbag of games that should return between 1 and 7 points, I think 4 points is a realistic prediction

Arsenal  7th 1 point 2 games 1-5 average 0.5 point/game

30/05 Bristol A

06/06 Chelsea H Live on ESPN

09/06 Doncaster A

Arsenal travel to unbeaten and 100% League record Bristol, it will certainly be an interesting test as it will be the 3rd game in a row between those 2 sides. Then another big game live on ESPN v Emma Hayes’ Chelsea and Doncaster away before going on holidays for the Euro break. The obvious target will be 9 points out of 9, but the way the League has started for the Gunners it might be 7 points or less and that would not be good news.

Doncaster 8TH 0 point 2 games 1-7 average 0 point/game

30/05 Everton A

04/06 Lincoln A

09/06 Arsenal H

3 tough games expected points between 0 and 6, I can see them grabbing 2 points maybe out of those 3 games.


All those predictions would leave the tems with the following total at the Euro 2013 break :

1.Liverpool 13 pts 6 games

2.Bristol 13 pts 6 games

3.Chelsea 11 pts 7 games

4.Birmingham 9 points 6 games

5.Everton 9 points 6 games

6.Arsenal 8 points 5 games

7.Lincoln 6 points 7 games

8. Doncaster 2 points 5 games

Predictions obviously mean nothing as who would have predicted those 3 results : Arsenal 0 Liverpool 4, Chelsea 2 Liverpool 1, Bristol 2 Chelsea 0 . But it is an indication that the FA WSL is extremely competitive and we might see 2 different teams from the previous seasons in the Champions League in 2014/15.

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