Conti Cup Group 1 final day preview

1. Arsenal 4 pts  3-2

2. Lincoln 4 pts 2-1

3. Birmingham 3 pts 3-2

4. Bristol 0 pt 0-3

Arsenal v Bristol

Birmingham v Lincoln

1) Arsenal need a win or a draw to qualify or can even loose if Lincoln looses by a bigger margin .

2) Lincoln need a win or a draw to qualify or loose to Birmingham while Arsenal loose to Bristol by a bigger marging.

3) If Arsenal and Lincoln both loose by the same margin the tie breaker will be number of goals scored Arsenal has scored one more goal so far.

If both side end up with the same number of points goals scored and goals conceded, we will wait for the FA’s decision as regualtions not published as usual.

3) Birmingham need a win to qualify

4) Bristol cannot qualify

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