Conti Cup group 2 final day preview

1.Everton 4 pts  GD 3-2
2. Liverpool 4 pts 2 GD 2-1
3. Chelsea 1 pt  GD 2-3
4. Doncaster 1 pt GD 1-2

Doncaster v Everton

Chelsea v Liverpool

1) Everton need a draw or a win to qualify.

2) Liverpool need a draw or a win to qualify.

3) Chelsea need to beat Liverpool and Everton to get at least a point or see number 5

4) Doncaster need to beat Everton and Liverpool to get at least  a point or see number 5

5) Doncaster beat Everton and Chelsea beat Liverpool. All teams have 4 points. It goes to goal difference first.

5a The funniest case would be Doncaster 2-Everton 1 and Chelsea 1-Liverpool 0 , in that case all teams would be on 4 pts 3 goals scored and 3 conceded !!God knows what the FA would decide to settle it? Penalty shoot-out, draw of the lot, replay ?

5b Should Doncaster and Chelsea win by 1 goal. margin again all 4 teams with 4 points and the same goal difference, the two teams going through would be the top 2 goalscoring teams. So far Everton have scored 3, Liverpool and Chelsea 2 with Doncaster on 1.

5c Last case where Doncaster and Chelsea win simultaneously : any team winning by a 2 goals margin will go through regardless of the winning margin in the other game.


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