Arsenal v Liverpool preview

The League season finally starts for the Arsenal with a game at the Emirates Stadium. There was a talk about Birmingham coming to play next week-end but it got changed to a midweek v Liverpool.

So a potential title decider on the opening day of the FA WSL season 3. Matt Beard’s team is racing against time to work and be efficient as team. There is no easy feat to build up a side from scratch regardless of the players skills and quality. As a reminder, he has 11 different starters from those of 2012. So we can expect more or less 9 players on the pitch as they try to gel as quickly as possible.

The starting 11 from both side and some good match-ups.

Byrne  – Quantrill
Scott -Bronze
Grant – Engen
Flaherty – Bonner
Fahey – Schroeder
Houghton – Omarsdottir
Nobbs – Williams
Little – Da Costa
Davison – Rolser
White – Dowie
Carter – Fors

For Liverpool the main rotation seen so far has been at full back with Bronze, Easton and Schroeder competing for 2 places. The Emirates will not be a suprise for many Liverpool players as Quantrill, Bonner, Williams, Dowie have already played there. Liverpool will bank on Dowie who was a pain in the neck for the Arsenal center back last time at Anfield and always troubled the Arsenal defence with Charlton or Everton. Rolser will also be a key player with her runs down the wing.

Arsenal have an injury concern with Beattie, Yankey  absentfor the game  in Lincoln with Spencer not available due to family commitment. Fahey was also subbed during that Lincoln game after being injured, so it depends if it was just a knock or something else. Arsenal should use and try to maximise all the space with the fast winger Davison, Yankey or Carter and the passing skills from midfield Little and Houghton and not forgetting the clever runs from Nobbs.

It should be another tight game as we have seen at Anfield. Arsenal has more maturity in term of team passing and movement due to years of history together and should be able to win it. But Liverpool has enough quality players to do some serious damages.

Scoreline prediction 4-2 with Little, Dowie, Fors, Davison, White and ? On the scoresheet.


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