Conti Cup group 2 gameday 2 preview

Gameday 2 tomorrow and Sunday. All 4 sides are on 1 point and 0 goal difference.

Liverpool v Doncaster

Both teams are in form and it should be an interesting tie. Could the Belles upset Liverpool like they did against Chelsea?  Can Liverpool step up a gear and start to gel quickly. I noticed Matt Beard keeps a stable starting line-up except at full back position where Easton, Bronze and Schroeder have been sharing game time. As shown against Arsenal, Liverpool have a lot of quality individual talents but are still a work in progress in term of team passing and movement coordination. And the game at the Emirates stadium comes soon for the Liverpool team.

Everton v Chelsea

Everton  had a mix bag of results so far with a win at Oxford and excellent draw at Liverpool and 2 defeats at Bristol. They play some good football and if they improve their defensive record a bit, they can go on a winning run because their forward play is excellent. Chelsea need to regroup after that under-par performance at Belles last week. Their was a squad rotation last week with 5 players getting a start from the previous game and it did not really work. So you wonder how many will retain their place.

My predictions : Liverpool 3 Doncaster 1 Everton 2 Chelsea 2


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