The 15 teams not selected for the WSL Division 1& 2

Brighton and Hove Albion Women’s FC, Colchester United Ladies FC, Coventry City Ladies FC, Derby County Ladies FC,  Gillingham Ladies FC, Keynsham Town LFC,  Leicester City Women’s FC,  Milton Keynes Dons Ladies FC, Nottingham Forest Ladies FC,  Sheffield Ladies FC, Stoke City Ladies FC, West Ham United LFC

I have commented on the situation of clubs I have known through my years watching women’s football and those who have put statements on their website. And the more you read about the team being rejected you understand why the FA DOES NOT WANT  to release the information on bids and the reasons that led to eliminate or select teams. Transparency would probably lead to questioning the choices. No wonder teams are angry at the decisions made.


Leeds the big surprise of the selection process, a superb organisation with great results on the pitch. If anyone can shed a light on this please ?

Charlton another club with a rich history that ahd also lost the CoE status but carried own their youth pathway via the FDP.

Coventry have put a statement on their website and again you wondered what the FA were thinking.

“We were able to supply them with documents to back up every question raised and cover every concern fully. We also emphasized our bid was stable and sustainable as we were not basing it solely on support from the men’s club but had spread our risk of exposure so if a main sponsor should pull out we can continue. This was also we though the right direction to take regarding the current situation being experienced by CCFC.

So you can imagine our frustration to be informed we had not been successful in obtaining a licence. The FA informed us we needed to have a closer working relationship with the men’s club and better support as this was not evident compared to the clubs that have been awarded a licence.”

Porstmouth apparently will appeal against the decision

Cardiff City can be added to the list as they were forbidden to apply despite playing in the National Division as they were not English.

Forest Ladies have published a statement on their website, they have clearly been stitched up by the FA with Lincoln being accepted as Notts County Ladies

“The FA had a complete lack of transparency and respect with their official announcement that Lincoln Ladies FC’s successful Women’s Super League Bid included a name change to Notts County Ladies FC.  This had never been mentioned before at any stage of the process, and it had been confirmed by the FA that Nottingham Forest were the only club in Nottingham to apply; this decision has left many of Lincoln’s loyal fan base shocked and Forest’s thoroughly disgusted.

Brighton and Hove Albion according to what I had been told, they had a strong bid well backed up financially to Division 1 level apparently.

For those who remembered what happened when the FA reduced the Center of Excellence numbers and the problems it created, well it looks like another one of those bizzare thing.


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