FA WSL 2014 Division 2 teams

Well the FA has now revealed the 10 teams selected for Division 2 in 2014.

Let’s start with Doncaster Belles who are de facto relegated at the end of the season regardless of their result. The timing of the announcement is simply horrendous. They have played 1 league game out of 14 and they already know they are going down. Someone mentioned a few weeks ago that the Belles actually applied for a division 2 status only. I have no idea if it is true or just a rumour but in term of budget there is a big difference between those 2 divisions.

Sunderland Women Mick Mulhern’s team has been the best of the WPL since the WSL was formed, it is only justice that they end up in the WSL. Shame they did not get WSL 1 and get all their homegrown players back, that would have been very interesting. Top of the national Division

Watford Ladies have a pathway to the first team well established despite loosing their CoE status in the Coe reform or debacle depending on your point of view. Spectacular tournaround in term of results last season with John Salomon getting them from bottom of the League and relegation certainty to top of the league a couple of weeks ago. All this achieved by promotiing young players from the reserves and youth teams. 2nd in the National Division

Aston Villa Ladies  is another team with a clear pathway to the first team. They have produced many England U15, U17 and U19 internationals through the years. 4th in the National Division.

London Bees (  Barnet FC)  not the best season in the WPL provides a pathway via Middlesex and has used it well this season. Good backing by the men’s team that has just been relegated from the football league. Bottom of the National Division

Durham Women’s FC is South Durham and Cestria Galaxy FC  a team coached by Andy Cook (previously at the Arsenal Academy reserves and U17) currently in Northern Combination (4th Level of women football))

Millwall Lionesses a club with a rich history a CoE link and currently leading the Women’s Premier League Southern Division (3rd level  )

Oxford United Women’s FC  made the news recently with their superb cup run that ended against Everton and beating teams placed 1 and 2 divisions above them. They currently play in the South West combination ( level 4)  and are 2nd in the table

Reading Women’s FC  another team that a clear pathway to the first team although not a CoE but a FDP as they lost their status when the Centre of Excellence reduction was organised. Currently 2nd in in the WPL Southern behind Millwall.

Yeovil Town Ladies FC another team with a recent run in the FA Cup that ended against Leeds. They have a  very good marketing and local promotion scheme, check their website. They play some very good football and are currently in 4th position in the WPL Southern Division.

If we recap the teams selected from their level in the pyramid and what it means in term of division jump

1 WSL Division 1 team : Doncaster Belles  (-1)

4 WPL National Division : Sunderland, Watford, Aston Villa, Barnet (stay level)

3 WPL Southern Division : Millwall, Reading, Yeovil (+1)

2 Combinations team : Oxford and Durham Women. (+2)


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