Reading v Yeovil

With not many games on in London due to international week, I went to watch a “local” game Reading v Yeovil.
Reading won the game 2-1 with all 3 goals coming from defensive mistakes.

Yeovil tool the lead when Grace Rapp seized the ball after the center back miss-kicked and let the ball run past through her. Reading equalised when a left footed cross was not cleared a fell straight for Donelly to shoot from 10 yards. Reading winner came from a corner and the right back was unmarked at the far post and headed the ball from 6 yards in by Wiggins.

Overall some very good pass and move football played by Yeovil.  Probably the best I have see in the Southern Division, while Reading were more direct. It was an entertaining game overall and played in far better conditions that the rubbish cold we had for a while.

For a full report. Please see report by Patrick Higgins. James Prickett has also taken picture from the game, already available on his website.


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