Millwall Lionesses v Chelseal Ladies

This week I have attended 2 games that I originally did not know about. One of those was a friendly yesterday on a school pitch that was insufficiently  lighted. Which meant I could not spy properly lmao.

Chelsea is the 4th FA WSL side that I have seen in 2013 and they surely impressed me with their passing range and variations. They really looked a different side from the one we saw in 2011 and 2012. It is less direct and sharper,shorter passing with good movement and a lot of pace up front.

I am not sure about the whole Chelsea team because of the lighting was so poor, I could not recognise every player. So in goal Carly was not there, so I guess Jess Myers was there,not 100% sure.Back four was Blundell, Holtham Ingle Bleazard, midfield 3 Spence, Buet and Gardarsdottir., up front Jakobsson Ward and Muya. Came as subs Davies, Longhurst who managed to get a booking, Ayane, Hincks, there was another player in midfield that I did not recognise.  The new foreign players were impressive as well as the 3 youngsters from the reserves/U17 side who did not seem out of place at all. I left the game at 2-1 for Chelsea with about 15 to go as I needed to get back to London but I am sure that Chelsea will be competing for the champions league places with Arsenal, Liverpool and Birmingham if they carry on developing an attacking ball possession orientated game.


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