Another wave of departures to the USA ?

Back to the old days when the WPS was alive, there was a good number of English players plying their trade over the other side of the pond : Aluko, Asante, Smith, Scott, Carney plus Bardsley already there. Chapman signed for the Red Star later and Davison joined the WNY Flash and actually won the title with them.

The announcement that Jessica Fishlock the FA WSL player of year is leaving to play in the NWSL ( how similar those names are) is not the best news for us here. But I do not believe we will see the same wave of departure that we saw a few years ago. Those days players have better incentives to stay at home and only Asante has not come back to the WSL as she is playing for Goteborg in Sweden.

This is clearly a positive effect from the FA WSL as otherwise a few more players might be playing in Germany or in Sweden where they had been offered contracts after the WPS collapse. So while it is disappointing to hear about Fishlock’s departure and the difficulties for Bristol to replace her, it is quite a good thing that the FA WSL is stable enough to keep the players and it might be a one-off case.

2 English players are likely to play in the NWSL. Lianne Sanderson drafted by the Boston Brakers and Ashley Baker who was originally going to sign for Lincoln but changed her mind when Bardsley signed.


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