Watford v Charlton FA Premier League Cup

I was glad to see a local game yesterday, otherwise it would have meant a long trip to see Cardiff v Brighton, that game ended with a 2-0 for Cardiff by the way.

So off we went to Berkhamsted, a short road trip  30 miles each way from Terminal 5, as usual with Pat and James in the car, it is always enjoyable to share a trip with two person who are so knowledgeable about women’s football. Between all 3 of use, we have watched probably more than 260 women’s football games in 2012.

The pitch was in good shape despite the horrible weather and the game was very open with both teams creating chances and it went to extra time with the winning goal coming from Gemma Shepherd in the last minute of extra time.

For a full game report please go to http://www.womenssoccerscene.co.uk/ report done by Pat or to http://www.cafcwomen.co.uk/news/charlton-1-0-watford-641.php with  a report done by David.

I certainly enjoy going to Watford as they are a very friendly club, their players are among my favorites like Cally Rowell who played about  10 years at Arsenal before moving to Watford. I was also pleased to see Shelby Hills who is coming back slowly from her operation after a bad injury last year. Shelby did not get much playing time at Doncaster and that was not fair imo.

Overall a very enjoyable afternoon despite the cold and rain.


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