Middlesex v Gillingham COE U17

With the weather back to normal, I was able to see a game today and my original choice was the Arsenal Chelsea U17 but it was called off. Instead I went to see my “local” team Middlesex, they play a 20 minutes bus ride from my workplace. That team is managed by a coach whose work I really appreciate and rate. I think she works with the right idea about football and develops player so that they can play proper football.

On paper the game was a mismatch with Middlesex 3rd on the table and fighting with Arsenal and Chelsea for the title and Gillingham currently bottom. The final score reflects the difference in quality between the teams but credit to Gills, they tried very hard to build up play and score goals despite being under the cosh.
How many times do you see games a bit one sided where the weaker teams tries to outmuscles the opposition to compensate its weaknesses or just boots the ball away. Well none of this today, a proper game of football.

I hope all the girls can transition in reserves and senior football next year and can carry on developing their game. There are some very good potential among those girls and I could bet one of them will make it into the WSL Div 1 in 2 or 3 years.
Final score Middlesex 5 Gillingham 0


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