Watford v Coventry 1-0

A very entertaining game between two well organised and hard working team. Nothing much to seperate those really. Zoe Teasdale scoring the only goal in the game late in the game getting a rebound from Susan Wood’s save.

The referee was well entertaining as well, get on with it, no way etc….very frequently used. I also noticed a lot of swearing from certain players, when I mean a lot like 20, 30 times during the game.

The game today was a credit to the Women’s Premier League. Two good teams that worked extremely hard not to concede any easy shot or cross. The game was played in a good spirit with some meaty challenges that could have ended in booking but the referee looked reluctant to book players. Finishing did make the difference with Coventry having a 6 yard shot well saved by Lauren Davey with 5 minutes to go while the score was still 0-0. It is those small details that makes the difference in the end.

Personally I went to the game to see how Hayley and Becky were doing with Coventry, both girls used to play for Arsenal and it is always interesting to catch up on their development once they have left the club. Unfortunately Becky didn’t get on but we were treated to 90 quality minutes from Hayley which I enjoyed.

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