Something fishy about U19 selection criteria for England women ?

I heard some funny stuff about the FA criteria for selection in the U19 team. I don’t know how true it tis but it seems a bit fishy :

2 years ago, when first coming into the U19s set up, it was made clear to ALL the girls that if any had plans of going to America to play football and study that they would automatically be excluded from any England Camps and would never be considered for selection again. I heard it from multiple sources around players etc.

At that time several of the players had offers of 100% scholarships on the table. The majority turned them down. Leah Galton and Paige Eli, however, went ahead and pursued their studies and sure enough are no longer in the set up. I remember asking someone why Leah Galton was not selected any more after seeing her play against us in Holland.

Now an Australian girl has been drafted in, apparently never been to a camp, not a single training session and she made clear on her twitter profile that  she will be going on to Harvard University to study. Clearly in contradiction with what has been said before by the FA.

It looks to me it makes a mockery of all the work and commitment thats been put in over the years and also the fact that the majority of the girls have sacrificed their dreams of going to America to carry on playing for England.

I have been told an email has been sent to all american colleges, and probably around the world, asking if there are any girls that may have English roots that could be recomended for the England u19s set up.  So there we have it, basically a total admission by the FA that the Centre of Excellence system, despite the millions that have been put in, are not really producing the players that are needed.

So now we have in the  England 1st team :  Karen Bardsley  (American)
U23                                                               :  Ashley Baker     (American)
U19                                                              :  Lizzie Durack     (Australian)

English born keepers are a dying breed, it seems. Maybe I am totally wrong about the process but that kind of stuff seems strange. For the record, I have nothing against those 3 girls, they are all good players otherwise they would not be selected, it is just a strange system that seems a bit hypocritical ?

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