The top 10 games that I attended in 2012

10. Scotland v France, Euro 2013 qualifier

A good quality game in a beautiful city Edinburgh. The France team finishing the game in a 2-1-7 system was quite unusual. Last 10 minutes looked like a training drill. I also got the whole away team sandwich tray for myself as well.

9. Glasgow City v Arsenal Ladies, Friendly.

Mainly because Arsenal went quickly 2-0 down in a 4-4-2 system and changed back to 4-3-3 after 20 minutes. The last time I saw Arsenal Ladies use a 4-4-2 system was when we had the redcurrent shirts back in 2005/06.

8. Canada v France , Cyprus Cup final. 

First title at senior level for France. I had the pleasure of watching the game from the press area away from the cold which was a bonus.

7. USA v France,  Olympic games.

World class intensity, a disappointing game for the French team that  could not compete with the USA physical power and was steamrolled.

6. Japan v France,  Olympic games semi-final.

Another  bitter disappointing defeat, great spectacle for the neutrals. Loads of drama, too many costly defensive  mistakes mixed with a strange line-up. And a lack of luck.

5 .England v France Cyprus Cup

The lack of idea and attacking creativity from Hope Powell’s England was clearly exposed as poor lone strikers White and then Williams were totally isolated with no passes reaching  them for 90 minutes is the most vivid recollection. It is always good to work hard to win the ball back but if you don’t know what to do with it. Well we saw the result and we saw in the Olympics quarter finals with Team GB that the lesson had not been learnt.

4. USA v Japan Olympic Games final. 

World class football from the top 2 teams in the world. An opposition of style. Brilliant.

3. Chelsea v Arsenal FA Cup semi-final

An exceptional individual performance that night from Sarah Quantrill who kept a clean sheet in a 2-0 shock Chelsea win.

2. Lyon v Frankfurt UEFA Champions League Final

World class football between two great teams. Quality all over the pitch. Abily’s 35 yards lob was a peach.

1. Bristol v Birmingham Conti Cup

Tactically the most interesting game by a mile : a 3-4-3 against an asymetrical 4-4-2. It had everything : half time change to counter the opposition tactics, an immediate change to counter that response and all the ingredients that makes you understand why people say coaches play chess during a football game.


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