Brighton Ladies v Lewes 1-0

For those who don’t know I am an Arsenal Ladies fan so don’t be surprised to see an Arsenal bias overall  in the blog. With the FA WSL on the winter break, I usually watch the reserves but their game was called off on Saturday. So I had to choose a game to attend on Sunday. Reading have a good team but difficult to reach the ground by public transport.

I originally planned to go to Watford as I have a season ticket to Watford Ladies and their coaching staff is friendly and so are the players there. In the end I got a message and I decided to go and watch Brighton v Lewes ,on the simple basis that I could watch 6 or 7 ex Arsenal and Arsenal academy players.

What I really like in women’s football  is you see the same old friendly fans face at games, so it was nice to meet up with @Girlswithballz and the usual @ThegangEng. A nice sunday roast after the game and pint of beer is always a pleasant experience.

The game was very open with both team going for it and it was a shame that the only goal came from an own goal late in the game as it could have well finished 4-3 with so many chances created. It was a well fought typical derby with both side overloading the midfield area to deny the opposition space and time and all the attacks were created from pacy runs down the wing.

Lewes created many clear cut chances and must still be wondering how they managed not to score. Brighton also threatened by periods and scored from a right wing run and a cut back that a poor defender fumbled into her own net.

It was also my first visit to the Withdean Stadium and it is located very close to Preston Park train station which makes it an easy and quick access to the ground.

Overall a very enjoyable experience except for a small inconvenience of an unfriendly guard at the lounge, who did not want to let me in after the game despite my being invited to go there.

He reluctantly let me in, but it was obvious he was not pleased with it, so I left straightaway and met my friends down the pub. Maybe that guy thought I was a stalker or was gonna bother the girls ? That’s fine with me, there are many grounds in England that I need to visit and hopefully security will be friendlier there.


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