Applications open for the FA WSL 2014

T he FA has finally disclosed the criteria needed to apply and be selected.

As expected there will be 2 tiers WSL 1 and WSL 2 and every team has to apply including current WSL 1 teams. Newcomers can apply for both division or one division only. Although I would be extremely surprised to see teams apply for WSL 1 only because if they get rejected they would have to go to winter football

For the WSL 1 division teams are obliged to create a new marketing role that has already been advertised by Lincoln. WSL 2 teams can merge that role with the General Manager role. It is a welcome addition because some teams have been close to nothing in term of information to fans on social media and on their website. Clearly more promotion needs to be done and should have been done especially after the Olympics. The failure to get a medal is costly in that sense and women’s football could have capitalised on it.

Another important parameter is all WSL side must have a UEFA A Licence manager. I don’t know how many A licence there is in women’s. football but I hope there are enough.

One think that will make everyone laugh is there will be a wage cap for 2014 but it will be disclosed apparently after all the bids have come in. Hence the possible scenario : Sorry x you are not going into the WSL 1 or 2 as you are 50k over the wage cap go back to winter football. Lmao, can you imagine a team with a big bidget wanting to pay all 20 girls and rejected from the WSL ?

Also it appears that some questions about marketing and commercial requirements won’t be answered before February, very close to deadline day.



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