Arsenal LFC 2011/12 statistics

The season 2011/12 has now just finished. it started 0n the 24th of July 2011  and finished on the 5th of July 2012.  Those are the stats related to the number of games played this season.  Arsenal Ladies played 32 games.


Gilly Flaherty 32 games

Stephanie Houghton 28+4 games

Kim Little 31 games

Katie Chapman 30+1 games

Ciara Grant 29+2 games

Rachel Yankey 27+3 games

Niamh Fahey 28+1 games

Jordan Nobbs 22+6 games

Emma Byrne 26 games

Danielle Carter 19+7 games

Ellen White 17+9 games

Jennifer Beattie 3+19 games

Jayne Ludlow 18+4 games

Alex Scott 15+2 games

Gemma Davison 8+7 games

Julie Fleeting 4+3 games

Faye White 4+2 games

Rebecca Spencer 4 games

Yvonne Tracy 3+1 games

Bianca Bragg 0+3 games

Sophie Harris 2 games

Kelly Smith 0+2 games

Hayley Ladd 0+1 games

Angharad James 0+1 games

Melissa Lawley 0+1 games


Players in italics on maternity leave

Players in bold not currently playing with Arsenal




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