FA WSL : The race for 2nd place is on

Well the FA WSL has reached the halfway point on Thursday with all the teams having played 7 out 14 games except Chelsea (9) and Doncaster (5). Liverpool and Doncaster will be likely to be  the bottom 2 sides for the second year running, even if  both side have improved from last season.

The outcome from Arsenal’s win at Chelsea is a huge 8 points lead ahead of the chasing pack and Arsenal will probably retain the WSL except for a collapse in the 2nd half of the season. That lead allows for 2 defeats ( Everton and Birmingham for example)  and Arsenal still would still be in front.

So the main excitement will come from the race for the 2nd Champions league place with four teams on 11 points and one on 8, this race should go to the wire.

I would say that Lincoln with 8 points and Chelsea with 11 points but with 9 games played are less likely to make the  2nd place with Birmingham, Bristol and Everton slightly favorite. The 2nd place  could also be decided on goal difference with currently  Birmingham on +5, Bristol +2, Everton +1 and Chelsea -2. Lincoln 3 points behind has a -1 goal difference.

In the end, it will come down to all those head to head games between those teams to decide who will go alongside Arsenal in the 2013/14  Champions League edition. By no means Arsenal are guaranteed a Champions League place, but being overtaken by 2 sides with an 8 point lead would be an earthquake.

There are 2 games played today Lincoln v Liverpool with Lincoln hoping to get level with the other Champions League contender for 6 hours, then a 6 pointer at Stoke Gifford between Bristol and Birmingham.

The WSL will then take a break due to the Olympics and will be back on the 15th of August with Doncaster v Everton. Most WSL side have friendlies organised on the 12th of August.


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